February 2023

Grade and Use of Plywood

What is plywood? Plywood is a kind of laminated composite material, which is composed of two or more layers of wood. It is bonded together by heat, pressure, and strong resin, and the texture direction is alternating to form a strong composite material. Four types of glue used in plywood production Type A bonding uses …

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Why the Plywood Will be Glued

What is the reason for the plywood to be glued? Plywood is an important part of most furniture. Different types of panels have different physical properties. However, all plywood used in furniture faces the problem of ungluing. Glue opening is a key factor affecting the quality of the plywood, and the plywood is an important …

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History of Plywood Development

Plywood, a composite building material made of thin sheets of wood veneer, has a long and rich history of development. The use of thin sheets of wood, known as veneers, to make a composite panel dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was used for making furniture and other decorative items. The modern concept of …

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