Advantages and disadvantages of furniture panels

When decorating, the selection of furniture panels is very important. So, how should we choose the furniture panels?

Today, I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the types of boards, hoping to help everyone avoid pits and clear mines.

1、 Particle board

Particle board seems to be a kind of board made of wood slag. I think its biggest advantage is its strong nail-holding force. It is not easy to loosen nails when they are hit, and its stability is also good.

But the disadvantage is that the moisture-proof performance is relatively average, and due to the use of adhesive materials, environmental protection needs to be considered, making it more suitable for use as a cabinet door material (nonwet areas).

hpl desk top

2、 OSB board

Let’s talk about the OSB board. I think it can be considered a high-end particle board. It is mainly made of sliced wood, which is super hard and less prone to fracture than particle boards.

There are also problems, which are that it is difficult to detect the quality of the board. There are many European pine boards made of inferior materials, which are often difficult to see at a glance. Moreover, due to their high density and hardness, it is often difficult to drive nails into the board. The installation process is more complicated, and they are more suitable for use as base plates and substrates, such as TV background walls or cabinet base plates.

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3、 Plywood panels

From the perspective of the cutting profile, plywood panels are made by adding three or more layers of thin plates with glue and hot pressing. The biggest advantage is that they have strong waterproof properties. At the same time, due to the superposition of multiple layers of boards, their hardness and durability are also much better.

I think the biggest drawback is environmental protection. Because a lot of resin adhesive is needed, controlling formaldehyde is often the biggest problem. This type of board can be used for cabinet construction, and occasional collisions are not a problem.

In summary, if you want to choose boards, it is recommended to consider the situation and application scenarios of various boards to make a decision. Do not listen to the merchants’ deceit and be deceived by shoddy products!

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