Is film faced ply waterproof?

Film faced plywood is a type of strong exterior plywood used in building construction projects. It has a thin-film coating on its surface, which is more resistant to moisture, abrasion, and fungal attack than ordinary plywood.

Film faced plywood is a type of construction material that has many advantages, one of which is its waterproof qualities. It is often used in the building and construction industry for various purposes such as flooring, walls, and roofs due to its durability and water resistance.

film faced plywood2

The film facing the plywood consists of a thin layer of plastic or resin-impregnated paper applied to both sides during production. This coating provides an extra barrier against moisture penetration while also providing additional strength to the wood itself, making it more resistant to damage from impacts or other environmental factors like heat or cold temperatures.

Additionally, this film helps prevent warping caused by changes in temperature or humidity levels when exposed outdoors over time; thus ensuring maximum protection for your structure regardless if it’s indoors or outside!

In conclusion, Film Faced Plywood can be considered waterproof because it has been treated with a protective coating that prevents moisture from entering into the wood itself which could lead to rot and decay over time if left untreated – so you can rest assured knowing your investment will last much longer than traditional lumber materials!

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