EDLONWOOD melamine faced ply laminated plywood for Cabinets

Melamine faced ply is a type of plywood that has a melamine layer on one or both sides. Plywood is made of thin layers of wood veneer that are glued together under high pressure. Melamine faced ply can be used as a material for making cabinets, furniture, doors, and other items. Melamine faced ply can offer the benefits of both materials, such as structural integrity, easy workability, waterproofing, and low emission levels. It can also be available in various colors and patterns to suit different tastes and needs.

Product Description

Melamine Plywood Basic Parameters

Melamine Colorsolid  color;  wood  grain;
Melamine Finishing:matt, texture, relief;
Plywood Thickness:3mm to 30mm
Plywood Dimensions:1220×2440mm; 1250×2500mm; customized size;
Core Board:plywood(poplar core, combi core, hardwood core, birch core;) Blockboard, MDF, Particle board
Glue:E2/E1/EO/CARB/WBP Melamine/WBP Phenolic
Formaldehyde Release:EO≤0.5mg/L E1≤1.5mg/L E2≤5.0mg/L
melamine plywood2

Melamine Plywood Application

  • Kitchen cabinet; Wardrobe; Bathroom Vanity;
  • School, office and shop fittings;
  • Furniture, cabinet door, desks, worktops and shelves
melamine plywood application

Melamine Paper Model

melamine paper model
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