What is commercial ply?

Commercial plywood is a type of engineered wood product that is made from thin layers, or plies, of wood veneer that are glued together. It’s one of the most commonly used building materials in construction and furniture making due to its strength and durability. Commercial plywood can be found in many different forms depending on the application it’s being used for; however, all commercial grade plywoods have several common characteristics such as having an odd number of layers with each layer running perpendicular to adjacent ones. Additionally, they usually feature a core material between two outer veneers which adds extra stability and strength while also protecting against moisture damage.

commercial ply

The main benefit associated with using commercial-grade plywood over traditional lumber products is its superior structural integrity when compared to other woods like particle board or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). This makes it ideal for things like flooring systems where you need maximum support underneath your feet without compromising on weight or cost-effectiveness. In addition, because there are so many varieties available today – including those designed specifically for exterior use – you can easily find something suitable for any project regardless if it’s indoors or outdoors related!

Finally yet importantly – despite what some people may think – commercial grade plywood isn’t just limited to large-scale projects either; even small DIY jobs around the house often require this versatile material due to its low price point coupled with reliable performance capabilities! So whether you’re looking at putting up new shelving units inside your home office space or constructing outdoor decking boards – make sure not to overlook the advantages offered by commercially produced grades before committing yourself fully to any other option out there!

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