What wood is most suitable for making plywood

Plywood may be today’s homes’ most popular and widely used artificial woodworking material. It is a laminated product consisting of many thin wooden strips laid in alternating directions and glued together to form a sturdy and stable board. Due to this construction method, plywood is not prone to expansion and contraction.

What wood is most suitable for making plywood? Poplar, eucalyptus, or pine? None of them are. The most suitable wood for making plywood is birch.

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Birch is not a specific tree, it generally refers to about 100 species of trees and shrubs in the birch genus. It is mainly distributed in the northern temperate zone, including Europe, North America, and Northeast China, where birch is also distributed.

Why is birch suitable for making plywood?

Firstly, birch trunks are straight and easy to rotate, resulting in a high yield.

Secondly, the air-dry density of birch wood ranges from 0.59 to 0.72, with a compact structure and high mechanical strength, making the board sturdy and durable.

Once again, the wood of birch is light brown to reddish brown, with a shiny surface and smooth texture. The color reflects a fresh and natural aesthetic, which can meet various design needs and is the preferred material for many families to choose furniture.

Finally, birch wood with clear and visible growth rings, only plywood made after cutting and processing, is very prominent in terms of aesthetic texture. Therefore, the birch furniture produced is not only smooth and wear-resistant but also has clear patterns.

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