Is 18mm ply strong?

Is 18mm ply strong? The answer is yes, 18mm plywood is a strong and durable material. It has been used in construction for centuries and its strength makes it ideal for many applications.

plywood thickness

Plywood consists of several thin layers of wood that are glued together with their grain running perpendicular to each other, creating an incredibly stable structure which can withstand significant loads without breaking or warping.

18mm plywood is commonly used in flooring applications such as subfloors, underlayment, and sheet vinyl installation due to its ability to provide a solid foundation that resists movement from heavy traffic or furniture placement above it.

ply board

In addition, this type of wood can also be used for wall sheathing when extra rigidity is required; the thickness provides additional insulation value while still allowing moisture vapor transmission through the walls – making it an excellent choice if you’re looking to increase your home’s energy efficiency rating!

Finally, because 18mm plywood offers superior strength compared to thinner varieties like 12-15 mm options – this means you don’t have worry about sacrificing quality when building projects where weight capacity needs are high (such as shelving units).

With proper care and maintenance over time – your project will remain sturdy even after years of use! So if you’re looking for a reliable material with incredible load bearing capability then look no further than 18 mm thickplywoods – they’ll serve all your needs perfectly!

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