What is laminated wood panel?

Laminated wood panel is a kind of solid wood veneer or thin board, so that the fiber directions of adjacent veneers are perpendicular to each other, and each layer is glued with adhesive and stacked layer by layer according to a reasonable layout method, and then formed by hot pressing sheet.

The thin plates used are generally divided into six specifications: 3 centimeters, 5 centimeters, 9 centimeters, 12 centimeters, 15 centimeters, and 18 centimeters (1 centimeter is 1mm).

plywood thickness

The laminated wood panel is multi-layer la madera contrachapada. Because it is pressed with uniform plywood, the adjacent boards are glued vertically and horizontally, and then through the special process of high temperature and high pressure, the laminated wood board has good structural stability, small deformation, and nail-holding force. Strong, high static bending strength, good internal quality, good flatness, and so on. Compared with other boards, it is harder and more stable in structure.

However, laminated wood panels have very high requirements in the production process, such as sanding, cold pressing, hot pressing, jigsaw structure, etc. The quality of the process directly affects the quality of the board. On the other hand, it is the glue used in the manufacture of laminated wood panels. If the manufacturer uses poor-quality glue, it may cause insufficient adhesion inside the board, causing the board to be easily deformed and glued during use.

Laminated wood panels are used in the construction industry, furniture production, interior decoration, outdoor furniture, high-speed rail, ships, and other fields. In the field of home decoration, they are mainly used to make TV background walls, floors, doors, wardrobes, parapets, ceilings, etc…

The floor furniture laid by laminated wood panels has a good effect on regulating indoor temperature and humidity and is suitable for installation in geothermal heating rooms. When used to make house doors, compared with iron doors, wooden doors can effectively avoid the noise caused by the opening and closing of iron doors.

When used to make TV background walls and ceilings, the wood surface effect makes the overall indoor environment more high-end and textured in terms of visual presentation. When the laminated wood panel is used as a wall finish, it also has the effect of reducing noise.

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