EDLONWOOD Film Faced Plywood

Film-faced plywood (also known as phenolic plywood) is a special type of plywood with both sides coated with a wear-resistant, waterproof film. The film is meant to protect the wood from harsh environmental conditions and extend the service period of the plywood. Film-faced plywood is called phenolic plywood because both sides are soaked in phenolic resin to create a durable, water-resistant, smooth, and stable surface.

Product Description

Film Faced Plywood Basic Parameters

Film Color:
Dynea brown; Chinese brown; Chinese black; Green film; Film with logo;
Film Weight:
120g/m2; 220g/m2; 240g/m2
Surface Finishing:
Smooth (F/F), smooth/wire mesh (F/W)
Plywood Thickness:
Plywood Dimensions:
1220*2440mm;1250*2500mm;customized size;
Core Material:
poplar core,combi core,hardwood core,birch core;
WBP Melamine/WBP Phenolic

film faced plywood2

Film Faced Plywood Application

film faced plywood application

Color of film

brown film faced plywood with logo
brown film with logo
black film faced plywood with logo
black film with logo
brown film faced plywood
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