What are the advantages of phenolic plywood?

Phenolic plywood is a type of wood panel product that offers many advantages for customers. It is made up of layers of compressed phenol-impregnated paper, which are then bonded together with synthetic resin glue. This makes it incredibly strong and durable compared to other types of wood panels, making it ideal for applications such as furniture, flooring, or wall cladding.

The most significant advantage offered by phenolic plywood is its resistance to moisture and water damage. The combination between the waterproof coating on top and the impregnated papers underneath make this material highly resistant to warping or swelling due to exposure to liquids.

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Additionally, since there are no open pores in this material’s construction like traditional woods have; it also has superior protection against rot caused by fungus growth as well as being fire retardant too!

Finally, another great benefit from using phenolic plywood over other materials lies within its weight – despite having an extremely strong core structure; these boards remain surprisingly lightweight allowing them easy transportation without compromising their strength at all!

All in all these factors make Phenolic Plywood a great choice for any customer looking for a reliable yet lightweight solution when building projects requiring durability & strength whilst remaining cost-effective too!

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