Bintangor Plywood: Everything You Need to Know

Bintangor plywood is a kind of red hardwood plywood made from Bintangor veneers. Bintangor, also known as Calophyllum, is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia and Africa. Bintangor plywood has a smooth surface and attractive grains, making it suitable for furniture making and decorating.

The most common grades of Bintangor plywood are B/BB, BB/CC, and DBB/CC, which indicate the quality of the face and back veneers. The most common sizes of Bintangor plywood are 1220X2440mm (4’x 8’) and 1250X2500mm, and the most common thicknesses are 2.0mm-30mm.

bintangor plywood

Bintangor plywood has many advantages over other types of plywood, such as:

– It is cheaper than most hardwood plywood, but has a high quality and durability.

– It is easy to cut, shape, and nail, and can be painted, stained, or laminated as desired.

– It is resistant to moisture, insects, fungi, and termites, and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

– It is eco-friendly, as Bintangor trees grow fast and are renewable.

Bintangor plywood can be used for various purposes, such as:

– Furniture: cabinets, tables, chairs, shelves, desks, beds, and other furniture items.

– Flooring: subfloor or finished floor

– Walling: wall panel or a siding

Bintangor plywood is a great choice for anyone looking for a cheap, high-quality, and versatile plywood. It has many features, benefits, and applications, and can be easily installed and maintained.

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