Features and Benefits of Combi Core Plywood

Combi core plywood is a type of composite plywood that is made of veneers (thin slices of wood) and MDF (a type of engineered wood) glued together under high pressure and temperature. It is also known as combination core plywood, as it combines the advantages of both plywood and MDF. The number of layers of combi core plywood can vary from 5 to 13, depending on the thickness and quality of the plywood. The thickness of combi core plywood can range from 9 mm to 25 mm.

combi core

Combi core plywood has several features that make it a superior choice for various applications. Some of the main features are:

Strength: Combi core plywood is strong and rigid, as it has a plywood core that can resist bending, warping, and cracking. It can also withstand high levels of stress and load, as it has a MDF core that can enhance the bonding and stability of the plywood.

Smoothness: Combi core plywood is smooth and flat, as it has a MDF core that can eliminate the gaps and voids between the veneers. It can also provide a uniform and consistent surface, as it has a MDF core that can reduce the variations and defects of the plywood.

Combi core plywood has several benefits that make it a better option than other types of plywood. Some of the main benefits are:

Cost-effectiveness: Combi core plywood is cost-effective and economical, as it is cheaper than solid wood and other types of plywood. It can also save material and labor costs, as it can cover large areas with less quantity and effort.

Eco-friendliness: Combi core plywood is eco-friendly and renewable, as it is made of natural wood that can be regrown and recycled. It can also reduce the wastage of wood, as it can utilize the smaller and lower quality pieces of wood that are otherwise discarded.

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